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Open Night for Men aged 35 and older

Since 2020, ITRA has run a series of successful tag rugby leagues, events, and blitzes for men aged 35+. Our "masters" tag is catered for guys who want to keep playing with people their age, and keep the flame lit and an oval ball in their hands.

We have separate teams for guys aged 35 to 49, and those aged over 50 years old.

We are running an open day on Thursday 21st March at The High School in Rathgar, on their 4G rugby pitch. This is a FREE event, but signing up in advance is mandatory. No experience is required.

The event runs from 7pm to 9pm, and if needs be you can join late or leave early. It's a 4G pitch, so all you need is a pair of runners or moulded studs. You cannot wear metal studs in tag.

If you have tag shorts you can bring them; if you don't, we can lend you a pair or you can purchase one from our venue manager.

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