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New Night & Leagues Launched in Old Crescent RFC, Limerick

Following on from the massive success of our Spring leagues in Old Crescent RFC, ITRA is delighted to announce a THIRD night in the popular Raheen venue.

All of our games in Limerick take place in the evening, across a variety of kick-off times from 18:45. The club bar and facilities offer a great social occasion and opportunity to meet new people and socialise.

From Wednesday 21st June we'll be running a 6-week league featuring some new formats:

Women's Social

This is an all-women's league at a level suitable for everyone. We only allow three "Prem" (experienced/elite) players per team, so as to ensure the teams are relatively even. You can register a team for this league, or join as an individual and be added to a team with people at a similar level.

Corporate Mixed Social

Corporate leagues are competitions for entry by work teams only. This allows us to separate experienced tag players, who are on occasion quite competitive, from those giving it a go for the first time. It lets our referees be more sympathetic in application of the laws, and provides for a more relaxed atmosphere in our games.

Work teams are a huge part of our game across Ireland and tag is always a hit in the workplace.

Other ways we can help include:

  • Option upon registration to "pay by cheque or bank transfer" to facilitate company payment by invoice or corporate card

  • Advice from our customer care team as to what venue is most suitable to your needs

  • Support on the night from our referees and venue staff

Novice tag

The difference between Novice tag and social tag is simply that we do not allow experienced players to play it. This keeps games nice and competitive and even, and is a great choice for those who want to play a relaxed level. It is suitable for beginners and those who like to take it easy, and you can join as an individual or as a whole team.

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